Cocora Valley: Tall Trees and Fluttering Wings

30 11 2011


Cocora Valley, the coffee zone, central Colombia

Only 11 kilometres from the cappuccino-sipping town of Salento lies another world completely. In Cocora Valley the menu is simple: a dose of tranquility, eye-boggling scenery, a side helping of cowboys and a sprinkling of the world’s tallest palm trees.

Available to devour in one or two days.

Wax plam trees in Cocora Valley, the tallest palms in the world. I’m in the bottom left-hand corner, for scale.

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Salento farmer wakes up and smells the coffee

24 07 2011

It’s one of the world’s most consumed drugs. It has a lethal dosage intake of 50 percent and withdrawal symptoms can include schizophrenia, anxiety attacks and depression.

Not surprisingly, Colombia is one of the top producers.

The name of the drug?

Caffeine. As found in coffee.

Beans from one of Tim Edward's coffee plants

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