A Photo Tour of Quito, Ecuador

16 07 2011


Quito, the capital of Ecuador

Ecuador’s capital city boasts rich colonial architecture, thronging streets and a transport system that outweighs most other South American metropolises.

Churches abound in the Old Town, with their grand doors and spires spiralling above the city. Columns and balconies adorn many buildings while parks and gardens give the city a ‘green’ streak.

Yes, it’s a place that I loved, a city that outranks all other capitals in South America. It’s Quito.

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Latitude Zero – Straddling the Equator in Ecuador

13 07 2011


Quito – standing on the equator at Inti-Ñan 

I gasped in amazement at the best news I’d heard since eating my greasy breakfast; I’d magically lost over two pounds in weight by simply shifting my location.

A group of six of us were standing in the southern hemisphere in Quito, Ecuador. Several metres away and we’d be in the northern hemisphere.

“Move onto the yellow line,” Nataly, a guide at Inti-Ñan museum told us. We did so dutifully.
“You’re all 2.2 pounds lighter than a few seconds ago.”
Puzzled faces stared back at her waiting for some logical explanation.
“If you look down you’ll see that now you’re all standing on the equator line. Due to less gravitational pull here you weigh less.”

I beamed triumphantly. Weight reduction in South America is about as common as a subtle Latino man – it simply doesn’t exist. In a continent that consumes fried food on a daily basis, any amount of weight shiftage, whether momentary or not, deserves a grin.

Nataly smiled back, proud to show us that we were actually standing on latitude zero. “Follow me,” she said. I did. Maybe I’d lose another few pounds…

Just north of Quito in Ecuador runs the equator line

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