My 2,500-Mile Hike through History

25 06 2017


It’s been a while. Five years in fact.

Since my time in a world of contradictions: freezing cold weather in Bolivia; sweltering heat in Columbia; poverty in La Paz; drug wealth in Medellin; and now my new journey has started. But one far closer to my heart.

After having gallivanted far and wide, it’s about time I saw the amazing country called home. And what better way to do that than by hiking.

Right now, I’m walking through the stunning country of Britain. Taking millions of footsteps to cover my 2,500-mile route.

Jane Batchelor hiking 2,500 miles

Standing close to a furious river in the Scottish Highlands.

It’s no ordinary hike, though. Well, I’m no ordinary gal. This one will see me walk through time from the Stone Age to modern-day London. Bringing history from 5,500 years ago to modern times.

I have set another blog up, Yes Jane Can, where you’re invited to follow my journey and read other hiking stories and tips.

For more information about my route, Walking the Timeline of Britain, click right here where you can watch a two-minute video about the adventure.

I have also embraced the world of social media, so you can follow me on

All of which are searchable with @yesjanecan

Come join the journey…




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