A home away from home, or should that be ‘un hogar lejos de mi hogar’?

26 05 2010

Bariloche, week 3 in Argentina

“What better way to learn Spanish than to live with an Argentinean family,” I told myself last week.

Um, that was until I was plunged into the depths of Spanish conversation and nearly drowned in a complete lack of understanding. Countless blank faces later and continual referrals to my beloved English-Spanish dictionary, I’ve turned off the mute button and have begun to embrace very basic conversations.

Mara, my Argentinean host, has the patience of a train spotter. She simply smiles and encourages me through the most time consuming sentences I’ve ever tried to say. It’s incredibly frustrating not to be able to communicate but I have no option. It’s either that or endure silence, something I’m not too partial to.

I wake up every morning to panoramic views over Lake Nahuel Huapi and jagged mountains that surround Bariloche.

And if that wasn’t enough to keep me content, the home cooked meals that await me at 9pm each night certainly are, but they’re hardly helping me to fit into my jeans. Just as well there are a few mountains for me to clamber up and try out my ‘amazing’ navigational skills in. Um, well…





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